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So…A LOT has happened in the past few weeks. First off, gotta give it up to the man above; NOTHING in this month was possible about God.

Secondly, back to some killa shit – I have officially been accepted as a Grad Student to the University of Miami’s School of Communications for Screenwriting. Oh yeah, we in here. So much to do, so little time.

thirdly (sp?) – …black people and sending me my money on time…boy, if I were a different type of Christian…

but on the real, THANK GOD I MADE IT OUT ALIVE. I’m trying to do my best, which entails finding a roommate (so I can have somewhere to live), planning out the next year and a half (how long the program is) and going on from there. Thats the easy part…well, visualizing.

This is going to be a long post so grab something to eat…don’t worry, I’ll wait…

So, Miami said yes. Everybody was ecstatic…’cept for one brother who shall remain nameless…but yup – MMA is still on the ballot. I just HATE IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET A NEW POST UP. I never forgot about #GetMuNNY, nor did I want to. I been caught up in my own race to get exposure and felt a bit left out when it came to posting on my baby and on my first taste of blogging stomping grounds, SneakerSlut. Shouts to them TX twins [stand up!] But man…family issues, trying to get a car and my credit right, graduating and getting into school isn’t even half…well, in a way, it is of whats going on.

You ready? [yeah my mind is like a ‘jumpaline’, as my nephew calls it]

I grew up…wait for it…wait for it…hourglass…

Yeah. So in ONE example – I let a lot of things go. I have to let bae’s situation [RIP] set in as permanent and stop wanting to text or call the idiot who doesn’t think I know he has a girlfriend. Well, I found out after the fact but still…wait – this can be a manifest for two people…a hehe my ass. But I always have a ‘type’ I seem to go for – ATHLETES. Whoo chile. Or dude’s built like one. Blame T.O. and Ocho THE Cinco for setting that standard. Then there’s this one athlete I came clean with…he uh, we had been kicking it and it got too close too soon and I pushed this cat to the side like Precious does a diet. Hey, she won, shit – I can make all the jokes I want.

Thats it – in a nutshell. Now don’t go looking for those walnut crackers you seen in Wal-Mart. Apparently people dump bodies there [true story]. No long, endearing argument and relaization about myself and life – YET. I was on my facebook and realized I talked too damn much about the issues I was dancing around – straight forward and to the point. Yup…that’s how it’s gotta be so with no names, I bring you

1 – HONESTLY, _______, if we’re gonna have anything (friendship or er…yeah, that) you gotta grow up. I do too. Thats why I made that rule. And you gotta let people know when your not single anymore cause that whole “finding out on facebook” is not cool. Thats what they invented alcohol for. I think.

2 – HONESTLY, ______, if we’re gonna have any time of remaining friendship, please get off that diva shit. It’s not healthy. And you were more fun when you were ho’ing and single. #jussayin. (it’s a guy, don’t worry) So, “I’ll guess I’ll see you next lifetime…”

3 – HONESTLY, _____, if you THINK I’m not over “thatoneincidentthatwashugetome”, then I’m not. Sorry dude – I’m just not there yet.

4 – HONESTLY, ____, we could work…

5 – HONESTLY, __, I’m not scared of this new phase of my life. I welcome it with open bars.

6 – HONESTLY, _________, you’ll be fine. I want to take care of you but being away right now is going to help in the long run. Don’t work yourself to death, please…

7 – HONESTLY, ___, the more I keep thinking about you, the more unhealthy this becomes. Not as an obsession, but right now it’s “let’s get this thing over with.” … y’all got dirty minds, man. [me too].

…thats the list for right now. No names not out of FEAR or whatever that internet bullyshit is, but because it’s privacy. For them. Cause, you know how honest I am and uh, I don’t want to whole wasting my daytime minutes crying and whining shit.

And I’m THAT confident. AND comfortable.

So, until next time rap fans (cause i’m sure being up at 5:52 is not cool with a load of energy drinks and a thunder storm), I PROMISE IT WONT TAKE THIS LONG TO UPDATE. Don’t lose faith in “get munny” – it’s just been a time consuming…time. makes sense? …man im hungry.

nightmorning…or, whatever number drink this is for you.