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Long Time Comin’

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Let There Be Random

Okay, so it has almost been a month.

Flights booked. Hotel reserved. Working on the rental car. Myrtle beach first. Not feeling all that great but I’m working on the “Get Munny” logic to stay afloat in this world. Tonight…I think I’m all typed out. Not because I worked that week at camp & met a “Gary” (inside joke) but because a lot is happened. My absence has been noted here — not by the Atlanta traffic though.

So, the AC is broke in the house & I been sleeping without covers since I got here. Excited about a few weeks tho; waiting on my financial aid packet & going to see apartments ion 2 weeks. Seems commercial-all-smiles-zippidy-do-dah right? I wish. The preacher (yeah…I went to church) was on point with trashing not only the bad stuff but the stuff that feels good to us — i.e. cussing…dirty minds. Oh yeah, that too, ho.

So, updates from Myrtle Beach in a week (promise; DAILY) withs pics, news, etc.

Just, bear with me.


Where I miss my baby.

She made it to 2 1/2

But we’re back, though.


Posted: March 28, 2010 in Let There Be Random

If you’re reading this, you’ve found my little slice of the ‘net. Congrats. Throw yourself a party & send me a drink while you’re at it. I’ll holla.

Seriously, welcome to the musings some get for free [and still do], but more so in text form. When blogs first started, people said they were online diaries. Really? Never really kept one but what I can sound off on in public I will. I’m also a writer, so thank you, here in March for embarking with me on my journey to some type of success within the many¬†dimensions¬†of ideas we have coming up.

So…yeah. Some folks say strap yourselves in, I say push 120 on 20 West hanging out the window. This ride will be smooth as possible; present laws excluded.