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Posted: March 31, 2010 in Flying With Training Wheels

I don’t want to be strong. I want to be healthy.

As we all know [and I’m constantly reminded] that the WWEF’s workout and conditioning consist of a healthy breakfast of broccoli with a side of steroids. I would say “Sorry, Vince” but we all know I favor my money mogul hero [Sorry, Uncle Russell] Eric Bischoff from turning a sinking ship into a Caribbean Cruise line on some Popeye’s spinach. Ah…the old days, which, consequently are the new days on TNA. [back to Monday Night Live, aren’t we?] But enough about that. UFC is totally unscripted which makes it exciting. Minus the Kimbo.

I miss being in that kind of shape; weight room scrambles, power lifting, cardio conditioning…if I could do it for 13 years, then I can get back on it. It’ll be tough, but physically and mentally I plan on getting myself into shape for whatever happens after Mother’s Day. I used to be in better shape mentally – 260 crunches every Sunday night which progressed to 50 every night. I didn’t LIKE being forced into someone else’s schedule though [short man], so I did my extra stuff on my own time. But this includes diet and if my recent health scare wasn’t kicking my ass enough, then this should. It’ll be painful, but it’ll pay off [which, I don’t mind].

I hated conditioning drills and season. But after I got over the feeling of “Oh I feel like I’m ’bout to throw up” to “You slow. Keep up”, it felt like a great pay off. Felt like I could so anything. I’ve been lax for 4 years but “here…we..go.” Boom. Watch me.


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